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Signs that You May Need a Houston Hip or Knee Replacement Attorney

Victims of hip or knee replacements suffer in more than one way—they suffer in all aspects of their life. From medical bills to lost wages to pain and disability, victims of a manufacturer’s negligence encounter many devastating obstacles on their road to recovery. Almost all cases of faulty replacement devices require costly and painful revision surgery. If you suspect you are the victim of a defective hip or knee replacement, you should strongly consider obtaining the help of a Houston hip or knee replacement attorney in order to receive compensation.
Victims of defective knee or hip replacements may be able to recover compensation.
In general, if you sustained injury due to a defective device, it may be wise to consult with an attorney. Defective device cases are difficult in nature and typically require experience for success. The device manufacturer may not be willing to negotiate fairly with you. When weighing the options of what to do following your device failure or poor outcome following surgery, consider these aspects:

Determine the Cause: A poor outcome from a hip or knee replacement does not necessarily mean that there was a defect in the device. However, an experienced attorney may know the best route for determining whether or not your injuries were sustained as a result of a defect.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders and Report Regularly: In order to prove that the negligence leading to your injury was the result of the device manufacturer and not yourself, it is always important to follow your doctor’s instructions and to report any issues during your recovery to your doctor immediately.

Calculate Your Total Cost: Your medical bills are not the only price you must pay for the fault of the device manufacturer. Your injury due to a defective device can lead to lost wages, long term disability, and pain and suffering. An attorney may be able to help you receive compensation for all of these losses.

Do Not Accept a Small Settlement from the Manufacturer: If your device was indeed defective, the manufacturer may try to settle with you directly. Remember, the manufacturer wants to settle for as little money as possible; they are a corporation, not an entity that has your best interests in mind. A Texas injury attorney with experience in hip or knee replacement cases may be helpful in reaching a fair settlement. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

The attorneys and staff at Vujasinovic & Beckcom have the experience and dedication necessary to best represent you. Your aggravation, pain, and lost time are important to us. If you are ready to discuss your hip or knee replacement in a free consultation, call us toll free at (877)724-7800. 

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