USA Logistics Settles 18-Wheeler Case for Satisfactory Amount

Kurt's car after he was hit by an 18-wheeler in HoustonAn 18 wheeler operating for U.S.A. Logistics Carriers, LLC was driving on US 59 in Houston when it was involved in an impact with a passenger car driven by Kurt R. in the lane to the right of the 18 wheeler.  After the insurance company for the 18 wheeler company denied Kurt's claim, Kurt hired our firm to pursue his case against the 18 wheeler company.  We filed the lawsuit in Harris County, Texas.

The 18 wheeler company claimed that Kurt caused the accident by coming in to the 18 wheeler's lane and hitting it.  The company hired an accident reconstruction expert who said the wreck was Kurt's fault.  We obtained documents from the 18 wheeler company, and took testimony from the company's representatives, an independent witness, and the investigating police officer.  Through this work, we demonstrated that the crash was the fault of the U.S.A. Logistics Carriers, LLC driver.

Kurt primarily injured his neck and back in the crash.  Kurt's doctors performed a two level cervical fusion about four months after the crash.

The 18 wheeler company hired an orthopedic doctor and a biomechanical expert who claimed Kurt could not have been hurt in the crash.  We obtained testimony from Kurt's doctors who testified that Kurt was indeed injured in the crash.

We obtained a settlement for Kurt at mediation for $875,000.

$875,000 Settlement; attorneys' fees were $350,000 and expenses were $152,513.43.